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Experience Ultimate Chaos with Paint the Town Red VR in Early 2024

Experience Ultimate Chaos with Paint the Town Red VR in Early 2024
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South East Games’ highly acclaimed first-person brawler, Paint the Town Red, is set to launch in VR on Steam, PlayStation VR2, and Meta Quest 2 in early 2024. Announced at the Upload VR Showcase, the upcoming VR adaptation takes the mayhem and madness to the next level, offering immersive gameplay and hours of action-packed fun.

A Voxel World Made for Destruction

Paint the Town Red VR will allow players to dive headfirst into its violent voxel world, where destruction and chaos are inevitable. Engage in fast-paced melee combat, and obliterate enemies and obstacles in a flurry of flying blocks. Battle it out through punishing arenas across different eras in Scenarios mode. Delve into the brutal Beneath mode, a roguelike dungeon-crawling experience filled with puzzles, exploration, and an ever-changing array of enemies.

More Than 200 Weapons to Unleash Havoc

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With over 200 weapons at your disposal in Paint the Town Red VR, players can choose from an assortment of quirky, deadly, and period-accurate weapons. From pool cues and ham legs to futuristic firearms and blades, there’s a weapon for every style of brawler. Players can also experiment with class-specific abilities like teleportation and necromancy to customize their fighters and wreak maximum havoc.

Taking the Chaos to VR

According to Matthew Carr, Co-founder of South East Games, the intuitive first-person gameplay of Paint the Town Red makes the transition to VR a natural evolution for the game. With an emphasis on immersion and creativity, Paint the Town Red VR promises to be a wildly entertaining experience for gamers on all compatible platforms.

Pricing and Availability

Paint the Town Red VR will be available for $19.99 on Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR2, with a discount for existing PlayStation owners of the base game. Steam VR users can purchase the VR experience as a $9.99 add-on DLC. Meanwhile, the base version of Paint the Town Red is currently available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux.
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As Paint the Town Red prepares to make its explosive entrance into the world of VR in early 2024, players can look forward to an even more personal and engaging experience. With immersive combat, endless weapon possibilities, and a range of game modes, Paint the Town Red VR promises to be the ultimate chaotic adventure. Stay tuned for more information on the launch date and get ready to unleash your inner brawler!

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