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Get Ready to Swing into VR Fun with TOSS! Launching on September 7th, 2023

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Mark your calendars, as the upcoming VR platformer TOSS! is set to release on September 7th, 2023. Vertigo Games, the VR publishing and development subsidiary of PLAION Group, has partnered with developer Agera Games to create an engaging and exhilarating monkey-gym platformer experience. TOSS! It will be available for Meta Quest, Steam VR, and PS VR2.

A Sky-High Adventure Awaits

Players embark on a gripping adventure after crash-landing on a fascinating cloud planet, surrounded by challenging cloudscapes and mesmerizing flora. They must navigate through 75+ thrilling levels across nine breathtaking cloudscape biomes to repair their spaceship and return home. During the adventure, players gather essential components to fix their damaged spacecraft.

A Classic Platformer with a VR Twist

With TOSS!, Vertigo Games and Agera Games have created a delightful homage to classic platformers. The game allows players to test their parkour abilities as they navigate the aerial courses, conquer gravity, and overcome obstacles. TOSS! also challenges players with various game achievements, such as Time Attack mode, banana collecting, and completing levels with minimal grabs to prove their tossing skills.

Friendly Competition and Engaging Modifiers

Players can face off against friends and rivals, tracking progress and improving their skills by following their competitors’ ghost trails. TOSS! also provides modifiers that add exhilarating variations to the game modes. As players level up, they can unlock the Zero Gravity modifier for a whirlwind experience or unleash the Double Toss for an awe-inspiring acrobatic display.

Don’t Miss the TOSS! Release Date

The much-anticipated TOSS! Platformer is scheduled for release on September 7th, 2023. Players can wishlist the game on Meta Quest, Steam VR, and PS VR2. Get ready to traverse captivating cloud biomes, master parkour skills, and experience head-to-head rivalry as TOSS! Debuts in the VR gaming world.

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