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Kraft Opens Pre-Registration for Upcoming Real-Time Strategy Defense Game: Defense Derby

Kraft Opens Pre-Registration for Upcoming Real-Time Strategy Defense Game: Defense Derby
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Independent game development studio RisingWings, a subsidiary of KRAFTON, Inc., has announced the opening of global pre-registration for Defense Derby, their much-awaited real-time strategy defense mobile game. The game will be available on Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and Samsung’s Galaxy Store, injecting new life into the tower defense genre.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Defense Derby presents players with round-based matches incorporating strategy, mind games, and powerful synergy effects. Each round commences with a four-player “scouting stage,” where participants bid against one another to recruit units and assemble squads. Players then strategically position their units within their castles to make the most of their special abilities while fending off monster invasions. The last player to have their castle standing emerges as the winner.

Pre-Registration and Bonuses

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Pre-registration for Defense Derby will remain open until the game’s official launch later this year. Players who pre-register for the game can expect a ‘Welcome Package’ upon launch, containing in-game rewards such as 20,000 Gold, a Rare Hero card, a Rare Unit card, and a Special Castle Skin. Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and Samsung’s Galaxy Store all support Defense Derby pre-registration for both Android and iOS devices.

Focus on Enhancing Gameplay Quality

As development of Defense Derby nears completion, RisingWings is concentrating on improving gameplay quality. Early access test participants surveyed earlier this year awarded the game a satisfaction rating of 4.6 out of 5. Scheduled for release in over 190 countries worldwide later this year, Defense Derby will be available in nine languages, including English.


The global pre-registration of Defense Derby by RisingWings marks an exciting new chapter for real-time strategy defense mobile games. With its unique gameplay mechanics and intense strategy elements, Defense Derby is set to capture the interest of mobile gamers worldwide. As fans eagerly await the game’s official release,the opportunity to pre-register offers them a chance to secure exclusive in-game bonuses and rewards. Players can look forward to an immersive and engaging gaming experience as Defense Derby prepares to launch in multiple languages and regions later this year. Keep an eye out for updates and get ready to strategize, defend, and conquer in this highly anticipated tower defense game.

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