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MergeCrafter v2: Age of Invention – Discover New Features in the Exciting Game Update

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Fiveamp LLC is thrilled to announce the launch of MergeCrafter v2: Age of Invention, a significant expansion of their well-received mobile game. The update features innovative additions like the Mech Dungeon, Craft Automation Devices, Tool Upgrades, Explosives, and a host of engaging quests to keep players hooked.

MergeCrafter is a free-to-play game that enables players to merge items to heal lands and complete quests assigned by fascinating characters. With the Age of Invention update, eager explorers can venture through the Mech Dungeon, automate certain tasks with Invention Devices, forge new tools, uncover hidden areas using explosives, and engage in fresh quests.

MergeCrafter offers a flexible gameplay experience that lets players merge items to find bigger and better discoveries. The highly-anticipated Age of Invention update is now available on Steam, iOS, and Android.


Game Features:

  • Merge: Combine three items to level up and merge five items for a bonus, transforming an acorn into a tree by following progression stages.
  • Explore: Navigate through biomes, quests, and dungeons to heal dark lands and reclaim your world.
  • Automate: Set up systems to automate specific tasks on your base and boost production and efficiency.
  • Harvest: Collect resources and treasures by chopping trees and mining ores for Iron, Gold, and Diamond.
  • Craft: Design and enchant tools using the resources harvested from merging and exploration.
  • Quest: Embark on dungeon adventures and complete unique quests while assisting in-game characters against Bandits.

Influencers, YouTubers, and content creators can leverage MergeCrafter v2: Age of Invention to create dynamic content tailor-made for their audience. This update, designed with intricate, captivating gameplay layers, thrives on community-driven exploration of the Mech Dungeon and the unveiling of Craft Automation Devices. Fiveamp warmly welcomes collaborations that provide exclusive insights, developer interviews, and co-branded assets to propel your content to new heights. Creators, this is your chance to reimagine gaming entertainment and leave your mark on the world of MergeCrafter v2: Age of Invention.


Join the adventure today and experience the thrill of MergeCrafter v2: Age of Invention!

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