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Tower of Fantasy 3.0 Expansion: Discover the ‘Forgotten Realm’ in Domain 9 Sector

Tower of Fantasy 3.0 Expansion: Discover the 'Forgotten Realm' in Domain 9 Sector
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Get ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure in Domain 9 Sector, as the major 3.0 expansion of Tower of Fantasy launches on June 27. This open-world MMORPG, a product of Level Infinite and Hotta Studio, invites players—referred to as Wanderers—to uncover the mysteries of a long-lost realm in a fresh map, encounter two intriguing simulacrums, and face new bosses and gameplay challenges on both PC and mobile devices.

At first glance, Domain 9, nestled within the Aida Spacetime Singularity of the Vera Grand Sea, appears indistinguishable from the outside world. However, owing to its isolation by space-time barriers for a century, this enigmatic ‘Forgotten Realm’ has developed its own unique technology centered on the Black Jade Ruins. From studying Timestamps, the people of Domain 9 have synthesized powerful defenses against invading Darkness—Grayspace Entities that threaten their very existence.

Inspiration for the four zones in the new map is drawn from the mythical creatures of the Four Symbols, a reference to an ancient culture. Players will not only experience the cutting-edge tech of Domain 9 but also delve into numerous puzzles and challenges in the fully-loaded 3.0 update. For easy traversal, the expansion introduces relic Speedwalkers for skywalking and cutting-edge cruisers. New gameplay dynamics, such as the Smart Servant System and Mentorship System, facilitate recruitment while providing assistance in complex combat scenarios. Prepare to face the formidable boss, Zhuyan, who was accidentally awakened in the Black Jade Ruins.

Complementing the exciting new content, the 3.0 upgrade brings two additional simulacrums into the fold. LiuHuo, the first character, is responsible for managing captured Darkness entities. Her fierce combat style and intense determination make her a perfect candidate for the task. Wielding an ink-filled Calligraphy Brush, LiuHuo effortlessly defends herself against foes.

Don’t miss out on this stunning update to Tower of Fantasy and uncover the secrets hidden within the Forgotten Realm of Domain 9!

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